The Game Design Document


Use the drop down to select elements of the game design document


A description of the game story running in the background and throughout the game

Character classes

Classes that players can choose upon creating their character


Items that players can use throughout the game, this includes weapons, armour descriptions of the loot systems


Explains the game world that players navigate


Explains the multiplayer element to the game 


How players level in the game as well as weapon levelling


Section about the organic entities within the game, player characters, the merchant, enemies and bosses

Player resources

An overview of the health, stamina and inventory of players

UI & interface

Everything from HUD to menu elements

Audio & music

Digetic and non-diegetic sounds as well as musical elements


How the camera works with the player character and certain features unique to Dare

Asset list

A list of all the visual assets required for the base game to run an alpha build