There are two levelling systems within the game, the first is the player, the second is weapons.

1) Player

The player levels up to a maximum of 30, Player level determines their overall health pool increasing from their standard by increments of 10% of the original value each time. Players increase their level by gaining experience, a system that is familiar to players. The player level in question is also tied to the loot system, as the items scale from 1-3 in level, while at the beginning of the game, there is a 100% chance of getting a tier 1 item however each time a player level up, their chances of getting a tier 2 item increase by 7% up to a maximum of 70% and their tier 3 increases by 1% with each level as well with an obvious cap of 30.

*Note to programmer – Create a controller script that affects the maximum value of health and loot chance per character.

2) Weapon levels

Weapons also gain levels with a maximum level of 10, this level is defined by the number of enemies the player has slain with the weapon, the weapon stats become higher the more the item is used until the maximum level, (rather differently to the way that many other games work with the weapon becoming damaged and in need of repair) weapons become stronger allowing players who favour a weapon to keep playing with it if they wish, this is also important to the death system as the more a player uses a weapon the more of a chance the death system has of taking that item upon death.

3)Experience points

Experience is gained traditionally through a series of points being awarded for completing actions within game, these actions are Slaying enemies, reviving other players, opening chests, and defeating bosses