chest render 1
Dare Loot chest renders

Items are defined as items separate from the game world as they can be picked up and stored in the player inventory, they can also be dropped around the world and players are able to pick them up.

Loot system

The loot system is the system that defines the items that will spawn in chests, drop from enemies and be sold by merchants, Chests are located around the game world, enemies are also found around the game world, and merchants are found in Lightrooms. Items are defined by ranks of 1-3, (1 = Common, 2 = uncommon, 3 = Rare) items will individually be assigned to a category, and these categories are effectively used to place the item in a certain location. Loot is individual and instanced, although the chest only needs opening once, the items inside differ for each player.

1) Weapons

There are several types of weapons within the game, the melee weapons include Swords, Spears and Axes, the ranged class include Bows and Crossbows while the mage series of weapons take the form of books in varying colour and style that when selected, float around the player, Weapons can be commonly found in chests, they are dropped from enemies and can be bought from merchants in Lightrooms.

Melee items

Sword – Blunt standard

Sword – Sharpened Standard

Sword – Advanced Sword

Spear – Stave

Spear – Standard spear

Spear – Advanced spear

Spear – Lance

Axe – Standard Axe

Axe – Advanced Axe

Range items

Bow – Standard Bow

Bow – Advanced Bow

Bow – Recurve bow

Bow – Compound bow

Crossbow – Standard Crossbow

Crossbow – Greater Crossbow


Mage items

Book: Standard grimoire

Book: Advanced Grimoire

Ancient Tome: Standard Tome

Ancient Tome: Advanced Tome

Ancient Tome: Brilliant Tome

2) Armour

The armour within the game fits over the player’s robes and protects them from harm to some degree, armour sets are whole and are not found in parts. Armour of any kind can be worn by any player, for example, mages (Class with the lowest health) can become a battle mage wearing heavy metal armour to counter their weakness if they choose. Armour can be found in chests are occasionally dropped from special enemies. Armour gives players an input of damage debuff, in essence, a percentage of the damage taken is negated when armour is worn, the percent value of this negation is subjective the armour set. There are currently 5 armour sets:

Set 1: Damage Negation = 5%, weight = 2

Set 2: Damage Negation = 7%, Weight = 3

Set 3: Damage Negation = 10%, Weight = 5

Set 4: Damage Negation = 12%, Weight = 7

Set 5: Damage Negation = 15%, Weight = 10

Armour weight and effects

There are reasons for wearing different sets of armour, primarily because the heavier the player’s armour is, the slower their attack is and so for players that wish to maximize their damage output, lighter armour sets offers them the best option, Armour weights a value between 1-10, 10 being the heaviest

3) Sparks

spark image.jpg
Example of a spark sprite

Sparks are a very important item within the game, they are used to relight torches and also as a source of instant health, on top of this, they are required in order to resurrect players, they are uncommon and can be found in chests, and available from light rooms to purchase from a merchant or occasionally dropped from enemies upon death.

4) Currency

Currency takes the form of Penta-coins and is used to revive players and buy items from merchants, they are gained from defeating enemies, selling items and can be found in

penta coin render 2.jpg
Penta-coin render – 3ds Vray

loot chests around the environment. They are still quite rare in terms of quantity and so players usually have few Penta-coins however they are available from every chest.