1)Player charactersCharacter concept 1

All humanoid characters have similar character models and are visible by their character class robes, this is the character that the player controls throughout the game from beginning to end, their character will respawn as the same character and continue with the game.


luka merchant


These are characters you can purchase items from at Lightrooms, they are hooded figures wearing mostly black cloaks with the universal name of “Luka” however this is not told to the players as the merchant is simply known as “Merchant”, similar to the player style, they all seem to be the same person as well even though they can be found in many different places, hinting that they may have some power of their own, they are also the character you buy your items lost on death from as well as the person that gives you your starting items.



enemy state 1

Within the game, players must combat several different types of demon, These demons will have specific forms of attack and will challenge the player in different ways. The entire game will feature somewhere between 10-15 different types of demon, here are some examples of how the enemy classes and visuals will work:







Ruffler demon concept art


Ruffler demons are the most common enemy in the game, personality information can be found in the ideation section. This enemy is often found in groups and swarms the players, they are faster than the players, however, they are not too challenging to defeat in small groups.


Pytho are demons inherent to the City of snakes section of the game world. They are much larger than the player and



Pytho concept art.jpg
Pytho demon concept art


There are two bosses with the game, the first boss is Jormungand and the second is Seraphim,


Jormungand acts as the protector to the trials by fire section and must be fought to proceed – Jormungand is similar to a Pytho in visual however their wings are much larger, he has legs and Jormungand is almost 4 times the size of Pytho demons.

Jormungand begins with ranged ice shard attacks that must be dodged as well as grabs to the closest players, this boss still has the cold mechanic and players risk freezing by straying too far from the torch player


Seraphim is the final boss and the demon that claimed your soul, by defeating this boss, the player has essentially beaten the game as just past this boss is the chamber with their soul. Seraphim has two stages. Seraphim is the largest entity within the game towering above players, The first using AOE based attacks while the second targeting individual


seraphim 1
Sketch of Seraphim


players and charges them, the game environment features lava pits within the boss room that players must avoid.