Character Classes

Character Classes 

There are three overall classes for players to choose from. These classes offer players an edge in combat and gameplay in general, as well as setting themselves apart from other players with several unique traits. The classes are Melee, Range and Mage. An important note, these classes do not offer exclusivity in terms of item use and play style, a Melee class character is still able to use a Range weapon effectively and even use that item exclusively if they choose, it is simply a starting feature to give players a helping hand should they want it.

1) Melee Class– YellowMelee vector.png

The Melee class is focused on close combat. Equivalent to Tanks or DPS (Damage per second) characters from MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game style. They take the front line aggressive approach to combat and often take the most damage. Melee is the most rounded characters and is effective against large numbers and fair well against bosses.

120% Maximum health

The inner light ring or torches for Melee classes are significantly larger

2) Range class – TealRange vector.png

Range classes offer high damage over a fair distance however only one target at a time can be attacked with ranged weapons. These characters are very effective at targeting specific enemies and fighting bosses, however, struggle against larger numbers.

120% more damage output with ranged weapons

Charging attack for up to 200% damage takes several seconds to chargemage vector.png

3) Mage Class – Purple

The Mage class is equivalent to a glass cannon build, they offer large damage, however, have less health overall. They are very effective at taking on large numbers of enemies as magic attacks often have a large AOE (Area of effect).

110% more damage when using magic attacks

AOE splash damage has 50% larger range

90% overall health